Balanstri Equi Omega-3 ingredients

Omega 3 (EPA and DHA)
Flavonoids from olive oil

Balanstri Equi Omega-3 is a healthy supplement to your horse’s diet.
It restores your horse’s Omega-3/Omega-6 balance and keeps it at the desired level.

What does Omega-3 Equi do for your horse?
•     Helps slow down or stop infection processes, for example, in arthritis
•     Contributes to healthy, flexible joints and muscles
•     Accelerates recovery after intensive training or physical exertion
•     Improves overall disease resistance and performance
•     Contributes to stable hormonal balance in mares (on heat)
•     Supports healing process of wounds
•     Contributes to a shiny coat and a full mane

Recommended daily maintenance dose
Horse – 25 ml
Pony – 15 ml

Recommended daily dose for horses with lowered resistance or after intensive training session
Horse – 35 ml
Pony – 20 ml

Omega-3 oil, cold-pressed olive oil, natural anti-oxidants (tocopherols) and vitamin D.
The Omega-3 oil is produced in accordance with the strict quality standards of the European Union.


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 Ingredients and nutritional value –  20 ml
 Energy  164 kcal/688 kJ
 Protein  0 g
 Carbohydrates  0 g
 Fats  18.33 g
 Fatty acid profile
 Saturated fats  4077 mg
 Mono-unsaturated fats 9148 mg
(Omega-9  7278 mg
Poly-unsaturated fats 4823 mg
 (Omega-6  700 mg
(Omega-3  3766 mg
(C20:5 (EPA)  2118 mg
 (C22:6 (DHA) 958 mg
 Flavonoids (Polyphenols)  5 mg
 Vitamin D  1,66 mcg

Store unopened bottles in a dark place at room temperature.
Keep opened bottles in a cool, dark place. May be consumed up to 45 days after opening.