Balanstri Omega-3 Equi

Balanstri’s Omega-3 Equi is a new, high-quality nutritional supplement for your horse or pony. It consists of a mix of essential fatty acids, including the important Omega-3, supplemented by anti-oxidants and vitamin D.

These days, higher and higher demands are being placed on horses’ health and performance. Given the often limited ability for pasture grazing on the one hand, and an increase in concentrated feed on the other, there are many horses developing a growing deficiency of Omega-3 and excessive intake of Omega-6.

One bottle of Balanstri Equi costs € 29.99.

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What does Omega-3 Equi do for your horse?wei

  • Helps slow down or stop infection processes, for example, in arthrosis
  • Contributes to healthy, flexible joints and muscles
  • Accelerates recovery after intensive training or physical exertion
  • Improves overall disease resistance and performance
  • Contributes to stable hormonal balance in mares (on heat)
  • Supports healing process of wounds
  • Ensures a shiny coat and a full mane
  • Balanstri is doping-free and can be used safely if you start under the regulations of the FEI [/box]

Horses get the right balance of acids from grass they ingest. A horse that has unlimited year-round access to grass will keep this balance intact on its own. Unfortunately, many horse owners in the Netherlands do not have this luxury. Feeding raw and concentrated feeds results in an excess of Omega-6 and a deficiency of Omega-3.

The right fatty-acid balance in the body is essential to keeping horses healthy and active. Omega-3 contributes to flexible cell membranes and has an anti-inflammatory effect at the cell level, and thus throughout the body. The right balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 also reduce the likelihood of injury and a faster recovery after intensive training sessions.

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gentlemen2How does Omega-3 Equi work?

The right balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 increases the flexibility of the cell membranes, which allows better blood flow to tissues and therefore also improves the health of muscles.
In addition, in the conversion of Omega-3 from the cell walls, anti-inflammatory substances are created, whereas an excess of Omega-6 results in more pro-inflammatory substances. These cause infection symptoms that your horse will feel as pain or tiredness in its muscles and joints.
An unbalanced proportion of Omega-3 and 6 can result in problems such as restlessness, behavioral problems, muscle problems and a reduced resistance to disease.

Balanstri’s Omega-3 is a good way to restore the balance, thus improving your animal’s overall health![/box]

Balanstri Omega-3 Equi is essential to keeping horses healthy and active!

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