Test kit fatty acids

Do you ever wonder if the diet of your animal is in balance?  with the Balanstri Test Kit you will have a quick answer.
The Balanstri test kit is an unique, all-in-one-test to take a ‘Dry Blood Spot’ (DBS) blood sample, eventually in cooperation with a veterinarian.

How does it work? Test kit fatty acids animals
You will need to take 3 to 4 drops of blood from your animal, we recommend to ask your veterinarian concerning this. Drip 3 to 4 drops of blood onto the special treated filterpaper which is concluded in the test kit box. After drying, the filterpaper is placed in an aluminum bag and after that, placed in an envolope and sent by regular mail to analysis.  Our laboratory measures and report the content of 13 fatty acids in the blood sample, including saturated-, monounsaturated- and polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The test report 
The measured fatty acid profile is used to evaluate the pets diet related to risk of developing chronic inflammation below the percieved treshold of pain. Silent inflammation below the treshold of percieved pain is not a disease, but an indication that lifestyle problems may develope. The report also provides dietary advise that may contribute to prevent a negative development.
The Balanstri Test Kit has an unique code that each customer can use to receive the animals report.

The test report may recommend you to use a defined daily dosage of Balanstri Dog Omega-3 or Balanstri Horse Omega-3 which is a high quality blend of refined fish oil from Iceland and a cold pressed special extra virgin olive oil from Spain with a natural high content of antioxidants (minmum 350 mg/liter).  Both oils contain the active omega-3 ingredients EPA and DHA, vitamin D3, and the natural antioxidants from olive and vitamin E.