Balanstri Omega-3+ Starter kit


Are you curious how Balanstri can correct an unbalanced diet? We have a special package deal for you! The starter kit contains 2 Balanstri Test Kits and  4 bottles of Balanstri Omega3+ of your choice for only EUR 200 (normal price EUR 216).

You can enter the flavors of your choice when placing your order in the comment field.



Balanstri Omega3 + is a tasty combination of fish and olive oil, vitamin d and strong natural antioxidants; polyphenols. The purified omega-3 oil from deep-sea fatty fish guarantees the right amount of essential EPA and DHA fatty acids in your body in an easy-to-use form.

Balanstri Omega-3 + supports your body’s optimum omega-6 / omega-3 balance improve your natural immune system to protect against inflammatory diseases.

The Balanstri Test Kit is an easy way to measure the levels of fat contained in your diet in your body. The Balanstri test measures the percentage values ​​of 13 fatty acids (98.5% blood fatty acids) in your body.

The test is a reliable means of measuring polyunsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, saturated palmitine, myristin and stearic acid and monounsaturated oleinic and palmitoleic acids.

The test results include a report that includes comprehensive information on the effects of dietary fats on your current state of health and guidance for making better choices in the future.

Balanstri starter kit
Balanstri Omega-3+ Starter kit
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